Professionals in sales, service and installation of new and replacement custom aluminum windows, curtain walls, window walls and Major Industries translucent skylights and wall panels.

Tradition in the building trade is important.  That’s why architects and building owners share a common level of confidence in the Simmons Building Products name.

Simmons Building Products stands for a tradition of professional service.  Our roots go back more than forty years when the company founder, Roy Simmons, first started selling aluminum windows.  The industry responded then to the quality products and personalized service that Roy provided.  After all these years, it hasn’t changed.

Today Simmons Building Products, led by Paul Simmons and Chris Gallo continues to be associated with the finest lines of commercial aluminum windows and curtain walls available.

The products we represent have continually improved to meet the needs of the industry.  One thing hasn’t changed, however.  Our service is just as personalized and honest as it was forty years ago – a tradition our customers seem to value.